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A custom option for those wanting a truly on-of-a-kind piece

Merging the classic elements of senior cords and the Wellema hat


Our latest custom option out of the store is inspired by senior cords, a midwestern tradition dating back to 1904 when Purdue University Seniors began wearing, and later elaborately decorating, yellow corduroy pants. Early versions of cords included only a few signatures from classmates but within a decade new decorative themes were adopted: school mascots, cartoon characters, group and club membership, and sports themes. 

 Fully customizable, the drawings, all hand-inked in store, are a personal touch for any customer wanting a more unique addition to their hat. We like to think of it as wearable art, a way to add a visual scrapbook of places you have visited, your hobbies, or even just images and cartoon characters you love. The custom options are endless and are priced per piece.


An Ode to the Golden State

For our first one-off ready to wear illustrated hat, Mads chose a variety of images representing California - the Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Poppies, Redwood Trees, California Quail, Brown Bear, Dogface Butterfly, and Golden Trout. 


A Bit of Everything

This hat features a little of this and a little of that, no true rhyme or reason. Mads freehanded a variety of different illustrations making for a true one-of-a-kind piece that rings true to the "senior cord" name-sake.


New York Condensed

For our first trunk show post-pandemic, we worked on a more period-proportioned hat with vintage trim and our favorite scenes and symbols of the city. From the iconic yellow cab peaking out on the bottom of the brim to the amalgamation of NYC landmarks comprising the skyline, this hat tells the story of the iconic city we all love.


Art for Art

This particular illustrated hat was made for a customer who wanted to share pieces of their life inside and out of his Los Angles art gallery. Working together, Mads and the customer paired icons of Los Angeles with special art pieces that symbolize the art and artists he surrounds himself with.


A Family Hat

A hat illustrated for the boss. Images and icons symbolizing life on the road with his family and the things that are a mainstay in the Wellema household. From The Peanuts and Smokey the Bear to the great outdoors - this one tells a personal story. 


A Retrospective

Pulling 9 images from iconic movies, this hat is an homage to the career of a local cinematographer. Featuring stills and images on the crown, upper as well and under-brim, no matter the angle, there is a glimpse of ink. 

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