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Founded in Santa Barbara, California; Wellema Hat Company first planted roots in 2013. Birthed from looking into the past at groups of old photographs and collections of vintage clothing, when things were made differently & life was lived more simply. 

Wellema hats are dedicated to old-world craftsmanship & standards. Using century old techniques, sourcing the finest fur felt, softest sheepskin sweatbands, smoothest rayon liners and trimmings of the highest quality; we do our  best to produce the finest hat made by two hands. Custom made, each hat is tailored not only to the design & function for each client, but to the proper fit of comfort & proportion to each head. Our hats are formed on wood blocks averaging 100 years old, giving them their proper shape and style. Being hand sewn throughout & with devout attention to detail, Wellema hats takes no shortcuts. 


With every brim cut and stitch sewn; we implement techniques hatters have used for generations. While we adapt to the trends of the world and the liking of each of our clients, our classic roots will always give us a firm foundation in an ever changing world. 

Wellema Hats are known around the world for their integrity, durability, and detailed craftsmanship. Each hat is handmade at our store within the foothills of California, in the neighborhood of Altadena (Los Angeles County).

From city to saddle, and the rivers in-between, our hats are worn by all walks of life. 



Cody Wellema is a family man at his core, and treats his company, customers and hats as such. He was born in Colorado, raised in southern California and found new passions living in Santa Barbara later in life.  Finding the works of local historic artist Edward Borein, he became enamored with the early days of California and the Vaqueros who roamed the land. Seeing the hats depicted in works and photos by Borein....

Always loving hats in many forms. Seeing the hat as a symbol of the American west and the city life of days gone by, he wanted to make a hat to the quality they once were made. 

Now living in North Los Angeles, a stones throw from the atelier with his family while keeping a revered passion for the wide open spaces of the American West. 

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