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David Bond - Lucky B

David Bond is a renowned traditional sign writer. David comes from a long line of California ranchers under the Lucky B brand, but he also grew up skateboarding and was heavily influenced by art and traditional American culture. David paints everything from local business signs, murals, old cars, choppers, and more. He is an encyclopedia of California culture; he believes in preserving the history of all things that are true and meaningful. A number of years back, he relocated to be closer to family in Texas where he has become a staple in many communities with his work becoming iconic throughout the state (and the world around), much like the hats he wears.

David shares his story here:

The hat. As much a tool as a statement. A calling card, an identifier.

I have worn hats all of my life, you could say that I was born into it. Growing up rural, ranching on the land, your hat becomes your buffer between the sun, the wind, the cold and the rain. A quality beaver hat, will repel all of those things. Without this tool, you would be in trouble. 

I have always held the Cowboys of old in high regard, this was taught to me by both my father and grandfather. The style, the individuality, and the pride, each man took in his work and appearance, has always registered with me. Traditionally, everyone wanted to be an individual, and one of the easiest, and most noticeable ways was your hat. Shape, size, punch, band were all individual, and ways to stand out. As time went on, certain punches dictated where you were from. It is still like that in Texas where I live today.

As an adult, I am a professional artist and sign writer. I have been in business for 34 1/2 years. I travel all over the country, and sometimes outside of it for work. Interestingly enough, I still rely heavily on my experiences from youth. I still use, and wear hats daily, felts in the winter, straws in the summer. They still serve the same purpose as they did when I was a kid on the ranch.

Over time, your hat will become an extension of you, almost its own character. Shape, wear, discoloration are all an extension of you, and the time that you have spent in your hat. It’s hard earned, and authentic. People try and replicate this look without putting in the time, but it never rings true. Today I am recognized to a good extent by my hats, and people will refer to my hats as a David Bond punch. That’s in no way is true, the reality is, it is a worn in, worked, and loved West Texas Style 5 inch 100X.

David Bond

Lucky B Design

See more of David and his work on Instagram @luckybdesign


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