Our Straw

The Milan straw is made of a natural wheat, grown & harvested almost exclusively in Asia. Grown in small rural towns, this wheat straw has been harvested here; mostly due to climate, foundations, and soil work. Few manufacturers still produce the traditional finely braided & golden hued hats from wheat straw, as opposed to the man-made synthetic fibers.


The wheat is grown & harvested, then split into long strands and braided into fine ropes by hand. From here, these braids of wheat straw are sent to the States to be sewn together by specific 1940s vintage machines. From the fineness of braid, the millimeters sewn, and the beautiful natural colors, we work closely with our supplier to ensure we are getting the best of the bunch. All so we can make the best hat available in these rare materials. We then receive our hat bodies, block and finish them by hand in our store.


Despite the Milans layered braids, the Milan straw hats are durable and lightweight. These intricately woven hats can withstand significant wear and still boast their beautiful golden hues.



Straw offering & pricing

Style offerings

   brim widths are offered at 2 5/8" or 3 1/4"

Center Crease  approx 4.5" crown height

Teardrop Crease  approx 4.125" crown height

Telescope Crease   approx 4" crown height

Sun Hat   approx 4.25" crown height & 4" brim width


   Additional customization

Name/Initial Sweatband Stamping  approx 15 characters per line  $35

Vintage Trimming  our pre 1960 archive selection of trimming  $35

Bound Edges  hand-sewn trimming along the brim   $75

Hat Box  high quality USA made  $75

Hat Brush  handmade with boar bristle, made in England  $75

Pins  unique selection of vintage & handmade pins, starting at  $15

Beaded Hat Bands  southwestern glass beads starting at  $125

Leather Hat Bands  custom handmade leather bands, starting at  $40


   starting at $395




Sun hat

How to Order



We offer over the phone and in-person consultations and fitting appointments.

Call or email orders@wellemahatco.com to get the conversation started! 


A non-refundable deposit is required to get your order started. The remaining balance is due upon the hats completion.