New York, Fall '18

New York City, one of the most inspiring, intriguing & outrageous places in the world. We've always loved New York, being able to visit over the years. I've always hoped to have a steady clientele in New York, which has grown rapidly over the last year. In doing so, I've hoped to have a consistent presence in New York, and this was the first step of that. I met Sean Crowley a number of years back at Inspiration NY. Since then we've always stayed in mild contact. I met Jake Mueser about a year and a half ago through a mutual friend at the Rose Bowl, while he was out in Los Angeles for a trunk show at the Chateau Marmont. Since then, we've stayed in contact trying to find the right time to come out and visit. We chatted early on in the summer and decided it was time to finally make it happen.

Jake has two beautiful spaces in the West Village of Manhattan. On the ground floor of Christopher street, his retail/ready-to-wear store front is beautifully situated. Across the street, on the second floor overlooking Christopher street is where his showroom is. The showroom is where he takes his clients for the majority of their fittings and consultations. This is where we were set up for a few days meeting new and old clients, taking orders, as well as where we had our cocktail reception for friends and clients.

Sean recently opened his vintage store almost a year ago now. Situated in a little neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. A great destination shop filled with rare and wonderful pieces.

I feel blessed as I was fully booked out for appointments during my visit, and had a couple off days to spend with my family who tagged along for the trip. First New York visit for our boy Grady at 6 months old. The weather was wonderful, the food fantastic and the people, clients new and old, great. We enjoyed catching up with friends and visiting some of our favorite stores as well. I hope to be back in New York twice a year from here out, starting with the next trunk show being in the spring of 2019.

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