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Pasadena, California, founded 1886. My family and I have lived here for about two and a half years now and love everything this historic and charming city has to offer. Pasadena is situated just north of downtown Los Angeles and boasts a list of history and tradition. Some of the famous events being the annual Tournament of Roses Parade and the Rose Bowl football game since 1902. Of course, our town is proud to host the world famous Rose Bowl Flea Market as well, every second Sunday of the month. This town has some wonderful architecture, foods, art and more.

While our store is situated in Altadena, where one street south divides the two towns. Alta meaning north and Dena taking from Pasadena, I typically refer to our stores location as north Pasadena. Maybe we'll do an editorial on Altadena itself and the small town streets that surround our store in the near future.

My friend and photographer, Ethan M. Wong captured some moments during an afternoon stroll through Old Town Pasadena over a few days. We hope you enjoy some editorial fun of the city we call home

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