Huntington Library Editorial

The Huntington Library and Gardens

Located closely in town, is one of my favorite spots in all of California, the Huntington Library & Gardens. This is a go-to weekly spot for myself and family. Stepping into the Huntington allows you to leave the hustle of Los Angeles behind and feel like you're in the European country for the afternoon.

While you may think this is an ordinary library, it is not. The Huntington occupies well over 120 acres of land. Along with the library full of rare books and literature, you will also find some of the most extensive and rare art collections in the world. The breathtaking botanical gardens allow you to feel like you're walking into a new geographic region with each step; from the Japanese and Chinese gardens, to the Lily Ponds and lush grass below. The Rose Gardens are also a sight to see when in bloom. The Huntington is truly a place of world class luxury and cultural inheritance.

I typically frequent the Huntington at least once a week. Whether it be for a quick 20 minute walk after a long day of sewing in the shop, or to view a new art gallery for the afternoon with family. This is a place I enjoy having business meetings with clients and colleagues as well. The wonderful cafe overlooks some of the grounds and is a beautiful place to sit and have a drink.

A stroll through the Rose Gardens

Chinese Gardens

C. 1800 Tapestry in the Main House

One of my all-time favorite paintings. "The Yankee Driver" by Thomas Hart Benton, 1923. Art & inspiration in one

Japanese Gardens

All photos by Ethan M. Wong.

Photos Taken while wearing 1940s linen trousers, Alden pebble grain loafers, 1940s spearpoint collar, Ring Jacket, Berg & Berg tie with a Wellema hat

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