Silent Salon Vol. 1

Silent film dates back years & years ago. Theres something about it that is so beautiful to us. In a modern day where everything is quick with the click of button, everything at our finger tips and a attention span of about 30 second or less. Silent film is something that combats all of that at once. To us, being in black & white, with only the sound of an organ (usually) it really allows you to step into the film for yourself. Where TV and film these days, it tells you what it wants with little to no creativity of our own. Silents allow you to truly become apart of the film. To really picture and invision the colors of the fashions, buildings & scenic surroundings. To get creative and imagine just what exactly their voices sound like. You almost get to paint your own picture while watching the film.

We came into contact with editor Charles Epting a few years back when stumbling across his publication; Silent Film Quarterly. This publication being dedicated to the silent era. Historical facts, interviews with family members from the stars of the day and much, much more. We held our first ever advertisement in a publication with these fine folks, taking the whole back cover.

Since moving to the Los Angeles area, we've had a vision to host silent film nights. This with the mind set to get the local community together for an evening of unique offerings. Saturday August 26th, we were finally able to make it happen in host with Silent Film Quarterly! We had a packed house with the event starting around 6pm for a light "social hour" with snacks, drinks & conversations. The film kicked off around 7pm with a brief welcome & introduction by Wellema hats. Followed with a brief historic outline of the film of the evening by editor, Charles Epting. The film of the evening was a short by Harold Lloyd in Haunted Spooks (1920).

Photo with Charles Epting, founder & editor of Silent film Quarterly (left) and John Reed-Torres, Rag time composer & piano genius (right)

This is a event we hope to host four times a year at the store as each new issue of Silent Film Quarterly is released. If you missed this first one, we hope to see you at the next!

Photography by Ariel Amaro

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