A Day At The Races

Opening day September 25th, 1934. Santa Anita Park opens for the races. Sunday, June 11. An annual social gathering of friends throughout the Los Angeles area who enjoy the vintage clothing fashions of the early 20th century and the culture. This day marked the 11th annual gathering hosted by our friends of 'Reeses Vintage Pieces'. Benny and Jen are some of the most wonderful people selling some of the top vintage clothing and goods across the world.

(A rare vintage fedora from the late 1930s - early 1940s from our personal collection. Tucked in it's ribbon is an original betting ticket from Santa Anita Race Track dated 1940!)

Santa Anita Park has a lot of history behind it from when they first opened their doors in '34. They have done a fabulous job maintaining its original splendor. People of all types come to the races throughout the year. All hoping to walk away with a few extra dollars in their pockets.

Many filming's have been done at the Santa Anita grounds. Including; Seabuscuit, Public Enemies, Nixon, 90210, Bones, Cold Case, and The Marx Brothers famous "A Day At The Races," which was filmed a few years after opening in 1937, and many many more. There is a scene towards the end of the '37 Marx Bros. film that as a hat maker & company as a whole, inspires us. The scene pans with what seems to be thousands in the crowd, all wearing hats. A large gust of wind comes (you'll have to watch and see why this takes place) and everybody's hat goes flying onto the race track! Officials give back the hats to the crowd in arm-loads. Everyone is trying to find their personal hat; creasing the crowns and snapping the brims back into their own personal likings. Its simple clips like these that allow us to reminisce on the history of hats, how they were worn, where they come from, and give us the passion to bring that into todays modern age.

We had a fantastic day at the track with friends from the Los Angeles area and thought we'd give you a peak into a (rare) day off at Wellema Hats

Friends old & new at the races. Most enjoyed dressing in their favorite vintage get ups, mostly all dating pre 1950s!

A few quick photos of the historic grounds to set the scene.

We had a great day on this fine Sunday and we look forward to next year at the 12th annual "Day At The Races"!

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