Long Over-Due

Well. This post is far over-due. Between moving personal life and opening a new store to Los Angeles; life has been quite hectic. In the best way possible of course! I wanted to take this opportunity to share about our move to the new town of Pasadena/Altadena and the start to a new chapter in this great & beautiful journey.

The move all happened so quick. When the doors open, the flood comes. We picked up life along with the shop, had moved into our new store front & home all within a month of deciding to say yes to the move. Our new store couldn't be more perfect. God truly had this one pinned down for us. The building being built in the 20's with original aspects still intact, driving down the street to park in front of the shop gives us inspiration alone to get in there and make the absolute best hat we can.

We're also very proud to say that with this new store; it has allowed us to create somewhat of a modern day haberdashery. Not only a place to sit, relax & get your head measured for a custom hat. But now also a place to shop from a carefully thought out selection of premium goods. We now carry the finest handcrafted leather goods around from Steelhead Fine Goods (www.steelheadfinegoods.com). Hand tailored caps from original early 20th century patterns from Monsivias & Co. (www.monsivaisco.com). The finest handcrafted umbrellas the world has seen from Lockwood Umbrellas (www.lockwoodumbrellas.com). The wonderful JS Sloane grooming products for men (www.jssloane.com). As well as a fine selection of vintage goods that are always on rotation. Such as jackets, suits, ties, hats, bandanas and other nick-nacks.

Our grand opening party was a beautiful warm summer evening on June 3rd. We opened doors and the place was packed, shoulder to shoulder from start to end. Fantastic conversation about life, family, hats, fashion and much more echoed through the doors, down a few stores and into the alley where more live music took place along with a taco truck. It was truly a grand time.

In the short few months of being in the Los Angeles area, SO many doors have already opened. We are so thrilled to share many fun up-coming events, collaborations and exciting news with Wellema Hats.

We hope you can swing by anytime you are in the area to simply say hello. Check out our early 20th century inspired hat shop that caters to the contemporary world. And if you'd like; we'll get your head measurements in the books.

Hope to see you soon!

- Wellema Hats

Photography by T.J. Roque

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