Inspiration LA 2016

Once a year in Los Angeles, CA there comes a trade show from the mother land. That show is Inspiration LA, curated from Rin Tanaka out of Japan. This show brings the best of vintage dealers & American heritage makers in the world together for one unbelivable weekend. Located right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, people travel and gather from around the world to talk shop and purchase goods to bring home.

This was our first Los Angeles show with Inspiration. We attended our first ever Insipration back during the fall in Brooklyn, NY. This show was night and day from the east coast. The floor being curated in a more clean & professional way with each indivdual set up being better than the next. We had the distinct pleaure of setting up shop right next to our good friends SteelHead Fine Goods. During the show we had great conversation with old friends as well as making new ones. Inspiration is always a good time as it brings like-minded people into one place to view what they have been working on over the year and drool over eachothers accomplishments.

We had the pleasure of being among all these fine people, selling hats, fitting heads, taking orders and selling off the shelf to people who came to visit around the world. We had a fantastic time.

I am very grateful for those who we met over the weekend, those who purchased a hat and those who simply stopped by to say hello! We are looking forward to growing the relationshiops we made and setting up our booth next year, in downtown Los Angeles.

Be sure to check out their website for more detailed information on the show and new updates!

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