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A collaborative offering with author David Coggins in conjunction with his latest title, The Believer: A Year in the Fly Fishing Life.


We originally made this as a personal hat for David years ago and since, it has traveled the world with him, from cities to countryside. Talking with David, we wanted to make his iconic hat available in limited edition form to the public.


We are offering the hat in David's original Moss Green and copper trim and a new, Dark Brown color, paired with tonal trim. 


"The Angler '' is blocked on a full 6" open crown with a mild taper. Creased in a classic center dent, it sits at approximately 4 5/8" front & center but can easily be shaped to a teardrop or diamond crease (David's original) by yourself, your local hat shop or by asking us before shipping. The brim sits at a full, but moderate, 3". 


The hat is made of 100% pure beaver felt, being naturally water resilient this hat allows you to take it on any adventure, making it the perfect companion to wear from town to country.


Stamped in gold foil, the inner sweatband reads, THE ANGLER.


This is a limited edition run of 15 hats in each color and are made to order.


Please allow 2 - 4 weeks before shipping.


The Angler

  • For sizing help, please feel free to contact us via phone or email

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